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Finest Compost to Purchase In 2022

That is your finished compost tea. Return the leftover compost to your bin or use it as mulch around your plants to help them retain moisture and prevent weed growth. In case your compost tea isn’t very dark in shade, you don’t need to dilute it. Nevertheless, darkish brown to black compost tea needs to be diluted with fresh water. Dilute the tea to not less than a ratio of 1:3. This helps the tea go additional and ensures that it’s not too robust for plants-giving them too many nutrients can do extra hurt than good. Pour your finished compost tea, diluted as wanted, into a spray bottle and use it as soon as doable. The completed tea will immediately begin to lose nutrients, so it lasts lower than per week. You possibly can spray the mixture immediately onto plant leaves or onto the soil surrounding the plant, permitting it to fully drench and soak into the soil. Apply a cup or two of the mixture to each plant.

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