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Marketing receptivity describes how the progression to hazardous substance use could coincide with increasing youth engagement with advertising and substance use-related media. For example, dual course of fashions differentiate development from relatively aim-oriented (in classic incentive-sensitization principle: liking) to comparatively computerized (wanting) behavior. Proposed psychological mechanisms of twin process models include implicit and express attitudes and expectancies, behavioral intentions, and implicit motion tendencies. Although the unique theories themselves are usually not novel, we focus on three interrelated theories that posit the action of media and advertising on psychological mechanisms. There are alternatives to elucidate mechanisms of action in the context of the transition to automaticity of drinking, and the context of accelerating normativity of drinking as adolescents move to college-age years, as these time-delicate mechanisms may very well be the target of intervention. Hunger Games are younger adult fiction and movie franchises, which deal with issues of Empire, border management, politics of worry, human rights, gender, ethnicity, refugees and international inequity. As a younger grownup he searches for and finds, towards all odds, his start mother and sister. The story had its poignant moments for me personally because the mother of three adoptive children and resonated with many people all around the world.


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